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Dec 13, 2021
In Share Your Memory
On our way to the Rotary International convention in San Antonio in 2001,we motorcycle riders met in SantaFe for the official ride in. As we arrived the circle was made and after the introductions, my spirit was drawn to this bearded pony tailed dude with a Mennonite name. Being a menno myself it wasn’t long till we found our roots were entangled and strong. Some years later, and numerous visits we embarked on another voyage, actually a pilgrimage to the Ukraine to find the origins of both of our families. We were on the Dnieper river cruising for two weeks where we found our ancestral homes. We had an amazing time together with Jim and Seigi and Betty Lou who Jim had graciously brought along. Our greatest travel has always been the itinerary that God has put together. Love from Canada may God be your peace.


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