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Joanne Donnellan
Dec 05, 2021
In Share Your Memory
From Les: Jim and I were true friends from 2nd. grade on, at Custer School. I was also fortunate to live in the Wenatchee area for 14 years and had opportunity to rekindle our friendship later in life. One of our most fun times was picking up a 1964 Corvette in Selma, Alabama, and driving it, top down, cross country to my son's place in Los Angeles with Jim driving all the way. At one point it rained and he refused to put the top up and handed me a towel to keep us and the car's inside dry! How many friends could be so fortunate, in their late 60's, to be driving cross-country together in a '64 Corvette, top down! Whenever he would come over to Ferndale, he and his Corvette would pick me up and he'd take me on the old Custer school bus route pointing out to me where all our old classmates lived. Our 1956 9th. grade class was super close and we'd have annual get-togethers every August. He was a quiet man with a big heart. He will forever be in my heart.
Joanne Donnellan

Joanne Donnellan

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